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Request for permission to retain the original nationality.

Service description:
This service is offered to the Bahrainis with dual nationality.
Terms of Service:
·         The applicant must present himself in person or apply through his legal representative.
Documents Required:
·         Letter addressed to HE the Minister of Interior stating the type of request and the reasons for it.
·         Original & copy of the Bahraini and foreign passports.
·         Original & copy of valid ID card.
·         Original & copy of the Bahraini marriage certificate issued by a court in Bahrain. In the event of submitting a foreign marriage certificate, it must be notarised by the authorities concerned Bahrain.
·         A newly-issued employment certificate.
·         Certificate from the state of which the applicant holds the nationality, stating the date of obtaining the same and how it was obtained.
·         Original & copy of the birth certificate.
·         Power of attorney for proceedings in case the applicant is not attending them personally.
·         Apply to the Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs (Nationality Directorate).
·         Fill in the application form and attach the documents required.


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