NPRA: 29 violators of residency rules arrested in Capital Governorate

Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs (NPRA) has announced the arrest of 29 Asians for violating residency rules and working as sellers without licences, through the Search and Follow Up Directorate and cooperation of Labour Market Regulatory Authority and Capital Governorate.

 Undersecretary of Ports, Search and Follow Up highlighted on Tuesday that this campaign was part of the directives of His Excellency Interior Minister and follow up of NPRA Interior Ministry Undersecretary to  limit the number of illegal workers and arrest violators of residency rules.

He said that legal procedures have been taken against the violators and those involved with them.  He thanks all efforts that have contributed in the success of the campaign, while assuring that the directorate will continue to hold similar campaign against illegal workers. 

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