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Countries of the world increased their concern regarding the role of the specialized centers for excellence in governmental performance which is aiming to raise the performance of institutions and governmental agencies to competitive levels of creative learning, transparency and knowledge management. This is an important role in achieving sustainable development and increasing competitiveness of the national economy. 
HRH Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, ordered to establish the Bahrain Center for Excellence, which was approved by the Ministers Council in the session dated 25 May 2008 under Decree No. (1977-01) to realize the vision of the rational leadership in adopting international and scientific programs that proved success in both the private and governmental sectors for the aim of achieving sustainable and creative solutions coping with Bahrain's future vision. 

Vision of Bahrain Center for Excellence

Supporting private and governmental institutions to reach global and competitive levels of creativity, learning, transparency and knowledge management for the aim of reaching an outstanding level of excellence at work.

Message of Bahrain Center for Excellence 

Scoring a distinguished leap in performance of public sector's results at first, then to private institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain in order to reach a class-leading level by providing scientific and renewable methodologies, managed in a sustainable manner and focused on the initiatives of improvement and empowerment, excellence and knowledge sharing, with criteria and indicators that are suitable for the nature of public sector and the requirements of economy. 

The Concept of Excellent Institution 

It is an institution which is able to innovate, learn and work with transparency and exerts all efforts to achieve sustainability in a positive and competitive performance which exceeds the current requirements, This qualify the institution to compete on the international level and to keep pace with the rapid global economical, environmental and social developments.

Requirements of Excellent Performance in Public Sector

  • Meeting all the international requirements based on expanding the spirit of learning and creativity.
  • Knowledge management and transparency in governmental agencies.
  • The effectiveness of governmental performance in comparison with the vision and strategic objectives.
  • The spirit of responsibility towards society and the state.
  • Good leadership, training to ensure an effective work force.

Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs joins the Excellence Program

The directorate took the initiative to join the program voluntarily and began to use the Bahrain Center for Excellence with its standards of models, a compendium of best practices and global efforts, to push the public sector institutions to competitiveness to drive the economy forward.  

1- The excellence program has been launched throughout an orientation presented on 1 November 2009 presented by excellence expert Mohamed Bo Haji.  
2- It was followed by the opening session at Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs at the officers Club on 3 November 2009, presented by excellence expert Mohamed Bo Haji and attended by Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior for Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs, assistant secretaries, heads, directors and supervisors of departments and a large number of staff to spread the culture of excellence. 
3- Excellence Team was formed by an order from HE Sheikh Rashid bin Khalifa and chaired by Assistant Undersecretary for Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs "Sheikh Ahmed bin Isa Al Khalifa" and the membership of:
  • Shawky Mohamed Al Sobei (Director of Ports of entry)
  • L-Colonel Ghazi Saleh Al Sanan. (Director of search & Follow Up)
  • Mr. Isa Ahmed Turki (Director of Nationality)
  • Mr. Nayef Ahmed Al Sherooqi (Director of Human&Financial Resources)
  • Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa (Director of Passports)
  • Sheikh Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa (Director of Visa & Residence)
  • Mr.  Thabit Mohamed Al Sherooqi (Chief of E-boarders)
  • Mrs. Ghada Isa Al Helew (Chief of the Legal Affairs & Courts)
  • Mrs. Hessa Barakat Al Binali (Chief of Quality, Planning and Policies) 

The Team' responsibilities will be centered around; specifying procedures for Panel's work and to define a time table for work, coordination and follow up with the appointed cadres at the Bahrain Center for Excellence for the aim of raising the level of performance and quality of work and also the services provided through the management, coordination and follow up with all regulatory sites at the management and to develop performance indicators to the excellence level.

4- The closing session was held on the on 27 September 2010 and carried out by Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs at the Officers Club, attended by the Bahrain Center for Excellence, the excellence expert and many advisors in the presence of all distinguished leaders, senior staff and many officers and personnel.    
5-In the frame of implementing the methodology of preparing a generation of efficient Bahraini experts in the field of promoting the culture and practices of Excellence within institutions and governmental agencies, the Bahrain Center for Excellence nominated six members of consultants from Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs in order to train them according to the program of "preparation of national experts" which was launched in February 2010. The six members are:
  • Shawqi Mohamed Al Subaie (Director of Ports of entry)
  • Colonel Ghazi Saleh Al Senan. (Director of search & Follow Up)
  • Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa (Director of Passports)
  • Sheikh Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa (Director of Visa & Residence)
  • Mr. Thabit Mohamed Al Sherooqi (Chief of the E-boarders)
  • Mrs. Hessa Barakat Al Binali (Chief of Quality, Planning and Policies)  

6- In the line of the initiative of HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, to promote self-censorship in public sector throughout a governmental mechanism that reinforces the concept of self-censorship. On 28 April 2011, Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs participated in the self-evaluation event occurred in the presence of advisory teams, to evaluate Administration according to the standards of Excellence Program.
7- Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs entered arbitration in 25 June 2011, where his Excellency Dr. Mohamed  Al Mutawa headed the arbitration. HE  Al Mutawa praised HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, for his direct support to Bahrain Center for Excellence. 
8- At the closing sessions of the 1st Success Stories Forum, organized by the Bahrain Center for Excellence, in 4 October 2011, a number of ministries and governmental institutions reviewed their 'stories of success', including Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs, which reviewed their successful experience with Electronic Visa, which was launched for the aim achieving high levels of performance.  The 1st Success Stories Forum was headed by Lieutenant General, Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, Minister of State for Defense, Sheikh Hussam bin Isa Al Khalifa, head of HRH the Prime Minister's Court, Sheikh Nawaf bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Vice President of Electricity & Water Authority and Mr. Yousef Al Jowder, Asst.undersecretary of Finance & Human Resource, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
9- Bahrain Center for Excellence shall continue its support and follow up to ministries and governmental institutions, as Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs shall keep on developing its work and provide its services according to the international standards to ensure sustainability and competitiveness. 


The Concept of Competitiveness:

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