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Request for Bahraini nationality for a Bahraini’s wife

Description of Service:
Application to obtain the Bahraini nationality for a non-Bahraini woman married to a Bahraini.
Terms and Conditions:
·         The wife should be present in person with her husband to apply at the Nationality Directorate.
·         The wife should have a valid residence permit at the time of submitting the application.
Documents Required:
· Original & copy of the applicant’s passport.
· Original & copy of the passport of the applicant’s husband.
· Original & copy of the applicant's IDs (including the IDs of her husband and children).
· Original & copy of the applicant's authenticated birth certificate (if was issued abroad).
· Original & copies of the children’s birth certificates.
·  Original & copy of a notarised marriage certificate (if it was issued abroad).
·  Two recent photos of the applicant.
·   Photo of  the applicant's husband.
·   In case the name of the applicant is written in the passport in a dual or triple form, an official certificate should be submitted to prove the wife’s full Name.
·   Original & copy of the applicant’s nationality certificate.
·   Original & copy of the passport on which the applicant entered Bahrain.
·   Apply to the Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs (Nationality Directorate).
·    Fill in the application form and attach the documents required.


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