Tuesday 21 March, 2023

Replacement of Passport Abroad

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Description of Service 

This service is limited to Bahraini citizens abroad only. 

Required Terms of Service

Through Diplomatic consulate or embassies 

  • You must attend in person or an authorized person to implement the service at any consulate or embassy for Kingdom of Bahrain abroad. In case the unavailability of any diplomatic mission in the country where the citizens stays, kindly contact the nearest consulate as this requirement may be bypassed at specific instances. (MOFA website). 
  • In case of any modifications or changes in the passport kindly review with Head of the Mission or his representative.

Through DHL

  • All documents must be handed over to the company during the delivery of the passport to be renewed.
  • Type your phone number in the country of residence with the country code. 
  • You must mention your full shipping address in the notes box while submitting the application.
  • This service does not include lost, damaged and stolen passports abroad, and the nearest embassy or consulate must be reviewed, For more information press here

Required Documents

  • Service request form.
  • 2 Recent front view color photograph size 4x6 with a white background (View the photo attachment guidelines).The photo must be attached separately, in jpeg format and the size less than 1MB. 
  • Reason for staying abroad (any documents). 
  • Letter directed to His Excellency the Ambassador or Chief of Mission (If the request is through an Embassy or consulate)


Through Diplomatic consulate or embassies

  • Go to the nearest embassy or consulate, make sure to provide the required documents and follow the submission procedures.
  • Fill out and sign the application form.
  • Go to the concerned employee to submit the required documents and follow up number.
  • Pay the fees.
  • The request and all attached documents will be sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will send the request to the Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs to proceed. 

Through DHL

  • Apply via Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs website
  • DHL will contact with you and arrange the shipment and payment.
  • In case your request is approved, a text message to your mobile phone and an email will be sent that include the payment link.
  • DHL will be deliver the passport when its ready. 


  • Replacement of passport for under 59 years old 15 BD
  • Replacement of passport for 60 years old and above  7.5 BD  

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