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Conditions for family resident permit for the foreign wife of a Bahraini citizen.

Description of Service:

The foreign wife of Bahraini citizen (new/renewal) can be issued a family RP for two years. This service is implemented in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Required Terms of Service:

  • The husband or an authorized person must submit this application in person to receive the service.

  • Resident must be in the kingdom of Bahrain in order to receive service.

  • A personal number (ID number) must be issued for the foreign wife if she is residing in the country for the first time.


Required Documents:

  • Service request form.

  • A clear copy of the husband's ID.

  • A clear copy of the wife's ID

  • A clear copy of the marriage certificate issued from the legal courts of Bahrain or any other country as long as it’s certified.

  • A clear copy of the ID of the applicant or the authorized person.

  • A clear copy of the wife’s passport valid for more than 6 months. (For Indian passport page and page 36).  



  • Proceed to Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs, make sure to provide the required documents and follow the submission procedures.

  • Fill out the application form and wait for your service number on the screen.

  • Proceed to the concerned employee to submit the required documents.

  • Pay the fees and receive your receipt plus your application number.

  • Your application would be processed at the earliest.


Or Apply via the NPRA website

Note: Original marriage certificate issued from the legal courts of Bahrain or any other country as long as it’s certified must be present to the concerned employee in order to print RP sticker 



ِApply via the website

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