NPRA to stop receiving applicants from April 5


The Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) announced on Wednesday the launched a host of online services for the public through a communication system on its website The facility aims to speed up the processing of application within the required quality. A contact centre was also allocated to answer inquiries and provide back up for the e-services.

It highlighted that from April 5, the system would be operational, while applicants won’t be received at the headquarters or other services centres for their health safety. The system includes essential services related to issuing, extending and cancelling visas, local transfer, issuing and cancelling resident permits, self-sponsorship licence and the grace period. The resident permit sticker would be fixed while travelling via the airport.

The system also includes the issuing of Bahraini passport for the first time and replacement of lost or damaged passports; meanwhile, the passports could be received through the Isa Town Services Centre.

The NPRA called upon clients to learn about the conditions and required documents to process their applications before submitting them through its website or calling 17399764.

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