Thursday 30 November, 2023


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The Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) is dedicated to offering the best services to everyone as a strategic priority for development and improvement. Therefore it continues to work hard to meet your needs and requirements at the highest possible professional level.

Your rights That We Should Fulfil

  • You should be welcomed and handled with respect and care by qualified and trained employees.
  • Our services should be fair, excellent and of a high quality.
  • You should get fast and immediate action on your requirements.
  • You should be provided precise and clear information about our services with the processing period deadline.
  • Provide vary services through different channels that suit you as much as possible.
  • Give you the opportunity to share us your opinions and recommendations regarding our services to fulfill your expectations.

To Enable Us to Serve You in the Best way, kindly

  •  Appreciate the employees’ efforts by treating them with respect.
  •  Learn about the conditions and the required documents for the services through specialist channels before submitting the applications.
  •  All the required documents and information should be clearly submitted during submitting an application.
  • Cooperate with the concern employee in providing the accurate and precise information during submitting the application, and reply to any further inquiries related to the application.
  •  To benefit from our services please consider the assigned working hours.