Thursday 22 February, 2024

Passport Replacement aboard through DHL

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Description of Service

Citizens living abroad have the opportunity to renew their expired passports through this service via DHL

Required Terms of the Service

  • The applicant must be located outside the Kingdom of Bahrain to submit the application
  • Passport must not be lost or damaged
  • Apply through NPRA official website


  • Visit eGoverment official website 
  • Select (Replacement of Passport Abroad via DHL) service
  • Attach all required documents
  • Pay the fee(s) and get the receipt 
  • You will be notified by DHL when your passport is ready for delivery

Required Documents

Service Channels

eGoverment official website

Processing Time

  • 10 working days


  • ePassport first-time issue 12 BHD (individuals above 60 years 6 BHD)
  • ePassport renewal 15 BHD (individuals above 60 years 7.5 BHD)
  • Currency value equivalent