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Issuance of (Private) passport

Description of Service:

Passports are issued according to the decree-law No. 23 of year 2011.

Required Terms of Service:

  • You must attend in person or through your legal representative in case of infants and ineligible individuals to receive the service at Isa Town branch.
  • Present an approval letter from concerned authority.

Required Documents:

  • Service request form.
  • New front view color photograph size 4x6 with a white background. The photo must be attached separately, in jpeg format.
  • The original birth certificate.
  • Copy of the ID of the father and mother or the grandfather.
  • The original marriage certificate.
  • A copy of the father/mother death certificate in case any of the parents are deceased.


  • Fill and sign in hand writing the service request form.
  • Go to Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs website (Contact Us).
  • Select the directorate and service type and fill the areas allocated for the service.
  •  Attached all required documents and service request form.
  • In case your request is approved, a text message will be sent to your mobile that include the receipt number.
  •  When the passport is ready, a test message will be sent to your mobile to go to the Isa Town branch. It is necessary to show the original documents that were attached during the submission of the request. 



ِApply through communication system

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