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Issuance of (Private) passport

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Description of Service

Passports are issued according to decree-law No. 23 of the year 2011.

Required Terms of Service

  • You must attend in person or through an authorized person  in case of infants and ineligible individuals to receive the service at Isa Town branch.
  • Present an approval letter from concerned authority.

Required Documents

  • Service request form. (Click here)
  • New front view color photograph size 32.5 mm wide by 43 mm long with a white background. The photo must be attached separately, in jpeg format. (Click here to view passport photo’s Requirements)
  • The original birth certificate.
  • Copy of the ID of the father and mother or the grandfather.
  • The original marriage certificate.
  • A copy of the father/mother death certificate in case any of the parents are deceased.


  • Fill and sign in hand writing the service request form.
  • Book an appointment before visiting the service center.(Click here)
  • Proceed to the service center, and make sure to provide the required documents (Original and copy), and follow the submission procedures. 
  • Apply for service and pay the fee.
  • A text message will be sent to your mobile phone with the receipt number as payment confirmation.
  • When the passport is ready, a text message will be sent to your mobile.


  • Issuance of private passport (Free)

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