Thursday 30 November, 2023

Information update

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Description of Service

This Service  is provided to update information for residents with renewed passports, within the applicable rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Required Terms of the Service

  •  The application must be submitted by a guarantor or an authorized person
  •  Each application must be submitted separately, along with all relevant documents


  •  Apply through Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs website
  •  Pay the application fee(s) and get the receipt

Service Channels

Processing Time

  • 1 working day

Required Documents

  •  Application form
  •  Copy of the applicant's passport (including the family information page or any additional information)
  •  Copy of the old passport (For Indian nationality, please attach page number 1 & 36)
  • Clear copy of the applicant's ID or the authorized person submitting the application


  • Free-of-charge


  • Please provide copies of the applicant's old and new passport