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Student Visa

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Description of Service

This visa can be issued to students enrolled in local or international universities or institutes in the Kingdom of Bahrain, within the applicable rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Required Terms of the Service

  • The application must be submitted by a guarantor or an authorized person
  • Each application must be submitted separately, along with all the relevant documents
  • The applicant must be located outside the Kingdom of Bahrain to submit the application


  • Apply through any of the service channels.
  • Pay the application fee(s) and receive the receipt.

Service Channels

Required Documents

  • Application form
  • Copy of the applicant's passport, valid for more than 6 months
  • Clear copy of the applicant's or legal representative's ID card
  • Official letter from the university or institute

Processing Time

  • 3 working days


  • Application fee 4 BHD ( Non-refundable )
  • Visa approval fee 5 BHD
  • Visa issuance fee 30 BHD


  • Students studying at an educational institution in Bahrain are required to have permanent residence in the country. Students who are registered locally will be eligible for a student residence permit valid for (5 years), while students who are registered internationally will be granted a (1 year) stay permit
  • If a residence permit is granted, the resident is not allowed to engage in any form of work, whether paid or unpaid, during their stay