Wednesday 24 April, 2024

Online Multiple Entry Visas

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Description of Service

This visa allows visitors to obtain multiple entries to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Holders of this visa are authorized to enter the Kingdom of Bahrain multiple times after each departure

Required Terms of the Service

  •  The application must be submitted by a guarantor or an authorized person
  •  Each application must be submitted separately, along with all relevant documents
  •  The applicant must be located inside the Kingdom of Bahrain to submit the application


  •  Schedule an appointment using the (Mawaeed) application
  •  Apply through any of the service channels
  •  Pay the application fee(s) and receive the receipt
  •  You will receive an SMS confirmation for the transaction

Service Channels

Processing Time

  • Issuance 3 working days
  • Extension 1 working day

Required Documents

For Issuance

  •  Application form
  •  Copy of the applicant's passport, valid for more than 6 months
  •  Letter from the guarantor
  •  Clear copy of the applicant's or legal representative's ID card

For Extension

  •  Application form (Submission at service centers only)
  •  Copy of the applicant's passport, valid for more than 6 months


  • Application fee 4 BHD (Non-refundable) 
  • Visa issuance fee18 BHD
  • Extension fee 60 BHD