Thursday 30 November, 2023

Court-Ordered Passport Information Modification

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Description of Service

This service is available to execute the judicial rulings to modify passport’s information (names, surname and birth date)

Required Terms of the Service

  • Application must be submitted by the father or an authorized person at any of the service centers, for newborns and individuals with limited capacity
  • Submit the application 45 days after the judicial ruling

 Attaching the following:

  1. Certificate of non-appeal or discrimination against the judicial ruling
  2.  Execution letter from the Enforcement Court addressed to Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs Submit all required documents, including the application form


  • Book an appointment through the Mwaeid application 
  • Visit NPRA service center
  • When your transaction is completed, you will be contacted to visit NPRA service center and pay the fees 

Required Documents

  • Application form
  • Enforcement Court execution letter addressed to Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs 
  • Judicial ruling certificate 
  • Legitimate governance (if any) 
  • Copy of the passport 
  • Copy of birth certificate after amendment 

Service Channels

  • Personal attendance (Muharraq Security Complex - Isa Town branch)

Processing Time

  • 15 working days


  • ePassport first-time issue 12 BHD (individuals above 60 years 6 BHD)
  • ePassport renewal 15 BHD (individuals above 60 years 7.5 BHD)