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Our vision

To further excel in offering distinguished institutional services in the fields of border management.

Our Message

To reinforce our core values through extending courtesy towards our clients, while continuously maintaining integrity and never compromising security. We will strive to simplify procedures to our clients, by issuing authenticated travel documents in an efficient and timely manner. While the strict security control is never compromised, the spirit of hospitality will always be maintained by easing the flow through our ports of entry. We will endorse these values in conjunction with the mandate of the strategic economic initiative of the 2030 vision.


The strategic plan for nationality, passports and residence affairs (NPRA) is characterized through basic and fundamental plans. The plans define essential guidelines and milestones in order to tackle and resolve future challenges.

They also ensure the progress of NPRA in the coming decades by turning our personnel into role models in the fields of competency and proficiency. These plans are dynamic and reviewed periodically to ensure the consistency and compatibility with the kingdom's visions on one hand and keeping up with the international trends and advancements on the other. To maintain the momentum, the strategic plan constantly develops and promotes new incentives and initiatives.

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