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Can a passport be replaced before its expiration date?

Yes, you can replace your passport within one year of its expiration date. You can also replace it up to 5 years after expiration at service centers. If your passport has been expired for more than a year or more than 5 years, you'll need to schedule an appointment through the (Mawaeed) Application before visiting a service center

Can a passport be replaced outside the Kingdom?

Yes, a Bahraini passport can be replaced abroad through the eGovernment Portal (Bahrain.bh) to request passport replacement service for citizens abroad, delivered via DHL, or by visiting the nearest embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to submit the application

How long does it take to issue a passport or replace a passport?

Passports are issued within 14 working days, while passport replacement takes 4 working days

What are the available channels to apply for passport issuance and passport replacement services?

  •  eGovernment Portal (Bahrain.bh)
  •  Service centers affiliated with Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs (Security Complex in Muharraq /Isa Town Service Center), with prior appointment scheduling for service submission via (Mawaeed)

Is personal attendance at the service center is required for passport replacement?

Passport replacement can be done through the government's electronic portal

Can the replaced passport be collected upon receiving the renewed passport?

Yes, upon passport replacement, the replaced passport will be handed over along with the new passport

What are the procedures to follow in case of losing or damaging a passport outside the Kingdom of Bahrain?

Visit the eGovernment Portal (Bahrain.bh), issue a traffic ticket, attaching a report of passport loss from the relevant authorities or a photo showing the damaged passport. Alternatively, you can also go to the nearest embassy to submit the request

What are the procedures for modifying passport data such as name, date of birth, or adding titles?

Book a prior appointment to apply for the request at one of the service branches, fill out the application form, and submit all required documents, including a recent front-facing white-background photo, a request letter to the Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs containing a summary of the request, a copy of the passport, documents proving the typographical error requiring modification, and any other documents requested by the administration

If you can’t get an appointment through (Mawaeed) application for passport issuance?

We urge citizens to take advantage of the electronic services on the eGovernment Portal (Bahrain.bh), its available 24/7 throughout the year without the need for prior appointment scheduling

How can I know the passport readiness date for collection?

Once the passport is ready, you will receive a text message notifying you for collecting the passport. You can also check this through the government's electronic portal using the application status inquiry service

What are the available channels for submitting complaints or inquiries in case of any malfunction during application submission?

  • Through the National Suggestions and Complaints System (Tawasul)
  • Contact center affiliated with Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs

What are the procedures for reviewing names and titles for data modification?

Book a prior appointment, personal attendance for the applicant is required, parent, or legal guardian for minors and those lacking capacity, and attach the required documents, along with a certificate stating the absence of an appeal or discrimination to the judicial decision, and attach the execution letter issued by the execution court addressed to Nationality, Passports, and Residence Affairs

How can the photo be modified through the government's electronic portal?

Photo modification can be done by checking the application status and reviewing the required actions by the applicant

How can I update the signature and profession in the passport?

Signature and profession can be updated by visiting one of the service branches of the Information and eGovernment Authority

How can I know where to collect the passport?

The passport collection location is chosen by the client and can be checked through the application status inquiry and also in the service receipt. The collection location is also mentioned in the text message sent once the passport is ready

Can the name be written in the electronic passport as in the previous passport (quinary, senary)?

With the activation of the electronic passport and in accordance with the recommendations issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the name is now listed in quadruplicate in all electronic passports

Can the third name be fully written in English?

Abbreviating the third name in English is a standard procedure in all electronic passports

What procedures should be followed in case of losing a passport within the Kingdom?

Log in to the government's electronic portal and submit a request for a replacement passport due to loss, and follow the instructions provided