Tuesday 21 March, 2023

Family visa to the Parents of foreign residents

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Description of Service

This visa can be issued to the parents of foreign residents living in Bahrain. This service is done in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Required Terms of Service

  • An application must be submitted by the guarantor or the authorized person to receive this service.
  • Applications must be separated in case of having more than one application and each request must have its own documents.
  • If the Resident Permit is issued, then the resident must not take up paid or unpaid employment during his /her residence in the kingdom of Bahrain

Required Documents

  • Service request form. (Press here)
  • A clear copy of the father/mother's passport valid for more than 6 months. (For Indian passport page 1 and page 36).
  • A clear copy of the resident valid passport and residence permit.
  • A clear copy of the salary slip over 1000 BD issued by a government organization or its equivalent form (SIO) for the private sector.
  • A clear copy of the Birth certificate of the son/daughter.
  • A clear copy of the Health insurance certificate for the father/mother.
  • A clear copy of the valid commercial registration (CR). (government organizations are excepted)  
  • A clear copy of the applicant ID or the authorized person submitting the application


  • Apply via any of the service channels. 
  • Pay the fees and receive your receipt.


  • Application submission fee (none refundable) 4BD
  • Visa endorsement fees 5BD
  • Visa issuing fee 30BD

Service request channel