Thursday 30 May, 2024

Quality Policy Statement

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Nationality, Passport & Residence Affairs (NPRA) is committed to its clients by constantly improving its service and activities to the highest standards, in order to meet the requirements of its clients and to exceed their expectations by abiding to the rules, regulations and standardized procedures dictated through the systems we have in place. Bearing in mind, these systems need to have the ability to evolve. In order to contribute to strengthening the position of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a financial and economic center.

Therefore, NPRA has defined its rules and policies which include the vision of the future, by keeping pace with the national vision of the Kingdom.

The NPRA is keen to deliver its services to all its affiliates and to recognize each individual's responsibility and contributions in order to achieve and maintain targets as much as possible. The directorate is keen to identify and apply the methods and statistical techniques that effectively monitor and measure performance on an ongoing basis and to insure the desired improvement in service provision and its mechanism.

We are aware that what we mentioned previously can only be achieved through investment and a high reliance on the efficiency of personnel and administrative integration and the availability of resources, training and full commitment by everyone involved.

Therefore, our policy is based on the growth and development, employment and provision of optimal human and financial resources, technology and knowledge to reach the highest degree of efficiency and effectiveness.

We want to shift from a focus on quality services to general application of the usual universal standards of quality and excellence. A new quality management system has been established in line with the international standards ISO9001:2015 The system is under review periodically to insure its effectiveness.